Infrared Scanning

Infrared (IR) scanning, also known as thermal imaging, is a technology that has been rapidly growing in popularity as a preventative maintenance procedure. Many insurance companies are beginning to require IR scanning of electrical equipment on a regular basis, usually once every 1 - 5 years.

IR scanning pinpoints areas and/or components of your electrical equipment that may be operating at elevated temperatures. Items operating at temperatures significantly higher than normal may be malfunctioning and may be in need of service or replacement.

Our typical IR report includes a list and description of everything we scan and any problems we find noted. Each problematic area is represented in the report by an IR image and a real-life visible light reference image. Included with each image is a description of the problem, probable cause, temperature rise over reference, and our recommended solution.

The greatest advantage of using us for your IR scanning needs is that we have a level 1 certification and all of our thermographers are licensed electricians. This means that we're able to do a complete scan of your entire electrical system, including interior components and equipment that only eletricians are able to access.

Because even the simplest types of preventative maintenance can have outstanding effects on the lifespan of your equipment, we recommend implementing a regular schedule of maintenance and testing. We have the knowledge and experience to help you design and implement such a program, one that is unique for your facility.

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