Power Quality Analysis

Whether you are having problems with your electrical equipment, want to investigate the feasibility of adding or modifying your electrical system, or simply want to verify that everything is operating correctly, we can help by performing a number of power quality analysis studies.

Our equipment monitors various eletrical power paramters, including harmonics, as well as capturing voltage events. Applications include:

Load studies
Measure the capacity of your electrical system to verify how much load can be added to your equipment, correctly size temporary utilities for any scheduled shutdowns or interuptions, and determine the necessary size for an emergecny generator installation

Harmonic measurements
Uncover potential problems that could put parts of your electrical system at risk

Energy monitoring
Record the use of energy in order to verify existing metering or validate the savings of energy conservation programs/devices

Event monitoring
Look for unusual voltage spikes and swells that cause disruptions in your service and/or equipment

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For the past 20 years, we've provided 24/7 service to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, its on-site airlines and retailers.

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Whether your needs are new construction, remodeling, retrofitting, or tenant improvements, we have solutions for your commercial space.

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The precise specifications, strict deadlines, and budget constraints that characterize government projects do not intimidate us.

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We know health care! The Minneapolis VA Hospital and the Mayo Clinic are just two of the medical facilities that count on us for regular service.

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