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Minneapolis Convention Center

Minneapolis Convention Center

The LED lights that shine down on the hall floors have addressable lighting controls and dimmers on each fixture to allow an infinite array of lighting scheme possibilities for their clients. The new LED up-lights that shine on the dome ceilings of each hall are both addressable and color changing per fixture. Clients can choose any color of the rainbow to highlight their show or they can choose any and all of the colors to change throughout their show in a multitude of patterns. Premier also completed the task of changing the roof mounted metal halide lighting fixtures shining on the exterior of the domes to color changing LEDs with the same colors and infinite pattern availability. The domes glow bright with these changing colors in the night sky and can be seen from a multitude of angles both downtown and as you pass by on nearby roadways.

Premier Electric also recently completed a complete system upgrade of the campus wide lighting control system, and power and lighting upgrades for the new exhibit hall videoboard display fronts.

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