Premier team members should step off the job site in the same condition they arrive. Since the founding of Premier Electrical we have made a concerted effort to keep every single one of our talented employees safe while on the job.

The electrical industry deals with powerful forces and environments that can be unpredictable and hazardous. In such a line of work, professionalism assumes a high standard of safety. This means the proper equipment at all times, and the appropriate training for all scenarios. No team gets a second chance to be safe, so we don’t take any chances with our team.

Every one of Premier’s policies meets or exceeds existing OSHA standards and ensures a safe environment for employees. This not only benefits the immediate wellbeing of our craftspeople, but also helps secure the outcome of the project at hand, and therefor the interests of clients and involved partners.

EMR Codes Over Time

Every year insurance companies determine an Experience Modification Rate to calculate past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. Because of Premier Electric’s awareness of—and attention to—jobsite conditions, PPE, safety protocol, and regular training, the team consistently receives EMR codes that are superior to the industry average.

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