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Minneapolis / St. Paul Field 2024 Updates

Minneapolis / St. Paul Field 2024 Updates

Prefab – Prefab remains busy. Please try and plan ahead when sending items in for prefab in order to reduce the number of “emergencies” we have.

MWWTP Lab – Lyle Usher and crew have been doing underground work in the addition and remodeling inside the existing lab. One of the two additions has been erected now and that should open up some more work inside.

Air Force Base – We have substantially completed both of the jobs we had going there. Brian Kapinos will be moving over to work at McCarrons WTP and Tyler Wiemann will be moving to the L32 lift station in Brooklyn Park.

MAC Safety and Security Building – Adam Klukken and crew have finally received the transfer switches and other electrical equipment. They should have the power on any day now. The 2nd half of this project is set to bid in the middle of January so we are hoping to be successful with that as well.

McCarrons Water Treatment Plant – Kent Voelker, Travis Schindeldecker and crew are working on roughing in slabs and have started doing some piping inside. We anticipate a large crew on this job by summer with most of the work to be completed by fall of 2025.

Metro Transit Bus Garage – After waiting for a year for switchgear to arrive, we will be remobilizing to this job in January. Bob Pinoniemi will be taking this job over now and he will see it to completion.

Metro Transit Blue Line Improvements – We have been awarded this project for improvements to the Blue Line LRT in Bloomington. Reed Cosgrove has just started digging into the plans, we will need to be out doing some work soon.

MSP Airport – We were awarded the F concourse remodel with JE Dunn. Derrick Holler and crew have already started working on this project. We also have several other new projects coming up. Kolton Roelofs and Steve Schmidt will be heading these up.